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Query capabilities

Writing a Record-Store client

Questions and Answers

What is Record-Store?

Record-Store is a layer running on top of FoundationDB that provide a new kind of abstractions for storing data. We like to think that we are offering something between an SQL table and a MongoDB collections.


Please see the motivation page.

What can I do with it?

You can use the Record-Store to create as many data holders(called RecordSpace) as you need.

We would like to have this kind of flow for developers:

  1. Opening RecordSpace, for example prod/users
  2. Create a protobuf definition which will be used as schema
  3. Upsert schema
  4. Push records
  5. Query records
  6. delete records

You need another KeySpace to store another type of data, or maybe a KeySpace dedicated for a production environment? Juste create it and you are good to go!

How complicated queries can be?

Please see the query capabilities page.

What is the terminology used within Record-Store?

Is it production-ready?

It is experimental.

What is working for now?


Work in progress:

Can I test it?

This will be tricky as we have (yet) no usable clients but we are focusing on those. If you want to contribute, please see the dedicated page.

Why gRPC?

Because the Record-Layer is already massively using Protobuf.

Why GraphQL?

We think that offering an GraphQL interface will allow web developers to use the Record-Store.

Can I disable encryption?


Why FoundationDB?